image001“What I loved about working with Angela is her energy, passion and total dedication to getting results!

Angela is so knowledgeable about her craft. She has a heart of gold and is so passionate about helping her clients to push past their fears and blockages.

I consider Angela to be a gift and I feel lucky that our paths crossed.  She has supported and empowered me to flourish into the successful woman and Health Coach that I wanted to be.  

If you have the chance to work with her then I would recommend that – don’t hesitate grab it grab it with both hands.  She is particularly talented at working with women of a certain age who want to create lasting change in their life”.

Jo Le’Febour
The Wellness Catalyst
Founder of Love What You See in the

sharon nelson

"Before working with Angela I was lacking in motivation and confidence and could not work out what career I wanted to pursue.

Within a few weeks I had a part time job that fitted in around my children and had signed up to study to become a practitioner in Nutritional Healing.  I had always been interested in nutrition, but did not know how to channel this interest.  

Angela was able to guide me and work with me on my self-esteem to enable me to have the confidence in setting about making my interest into a career. 

I am now three quarters through my course and thanks to Angela I have the confidence to pursue my dream as a practitioner.  I thoroughly recommend working with Angela, she is very passionate and highly knowledgeable in her field of work and is dedicated in helping you to achieve your personal goals and lead a more fulfilled and happy life"

Sharon Nelson,


In the lead up to my work with Angela, my life was delivering more negative than positive outcomes.  I would question why not much went the way I had hoped or even dreamed of.  With the help of Angela’s expert and personalised advice, guidance and coaching, my life stands better than ever. I am now more mindful, in touch with feelings and emotions and feel more in control of my life than ever before.  Overall this has been life changing for me and my family. Thank you so much Angela.

Louise Daley
Manchester UK

I met Angela through a friend 2 and a have years ago. I was going through a difficult time as my husband was having a stem cell transplant as a last attempt to save him.  My husband had lost his job due to his illness and I had been forced to leave mine to look after him. I was shortlisted for an interview as I'd previously given up work to look after him but needed to plan to return to work to pay the bills.  My confidence and self esteem was at an all time low. I felt weak but needed so much strength just to get through.

Meeting Angela changed my life she helped me see my worth how much I had achieved. She gave me the confidence to believe in myself again as I was constantly preparing myself to fail. She showed me how strong I was by what we'd already gone through.

Through talking with Angela I was able to change my opinion of myself and believe I was worthy of success and that I had the strength to get our family through this terrible disease. Angela shared valuable techniques I could use to develop my self confidence, change my behaviours and my way of thinking and being.

Angela is an extremely knowledgeable, skilled and well educated lady who was able to help me understand how I was self destructing to what felt like to the point of no return.  She is an inspiration to all who meet her. Without her I wouldn't be in the place I am in now, my husband is now 2 and a half years in remission and I have been employed in a senior management position in healthcare for the past 2 years. Thank you Angela for your constant services to man and woman kind.

Sandra Flynn
Head of Clinical Services

Before I found Angela I was totally stuck, living each day in a state of struggle, guilt, self loathing and most of all fear. It didn't take long for Angela to help me wake up to what is really possible for me and to guide me onto a new path, to start the journey that is really meant for me.  I still have a long way to go, but now I have awakened to what has been holding me back, I can begin to see what I really want and change my life.

Kate Wheelan
Cheshire UK

Before I was working with Angela, I was a smart, driven, persistent, energized business owner, seeking growth in all aspects of my life and work.  Yet I had a few limiting beliefs that were holding me back and were real, emotional strongholds.   As a professional empowerment coach, my own success depends on those who surround, support, and help me reach and exceed my goals.  Once we started working together, Angela helped me gain clarity on the falsehood of one of the beliefs.  I have learnt so much about what’s possible now.  Angela has helped me begin to utilize other tools and thought processes to breakdown the belief and begin creating a new, supporting one.   She has helped me gain a new, fresh energy level that propels me towards my goals.   If you need a breakthrough, a different perspective, or are just stuck, I would recommend working with Angela.

Ruth VanHoven,
Owner, Process 360⁰
Chicago Illinois

Angela was a beam of light when all around me felt dark.

She gave me hope and the tools to move forward.

Jo Saxton

Angela is a loyal supportive colleague whom I trust and value deeply. Clients adore her warm and down to earth manner too and her ability to inspire change through her unique coaching style combining life experiences metaphysical teachings and alternative therapies. Angela is dedicated professional in every way and committed to helping women who want the best from life after 50.

Liz Shaw

From our first meeting I felt Angela was a person who I could trust and respect in both a professional and personal capacity. She offered me support in both a professional and personal manner whilst being positive in her approach.

She has the ability to make you look at your situation and draw positive aspects out to work with.  I have witnessed her work with staff that have instantly benefited from the time and effort Angela has spent with them.

Angela is a wonderful kind supportive intuitive lady who never ever judges anyone.  She is a confident knowledgeable person with a big heart.

I cannot recommend her enough and am grateful for the support she has offered me.

An inspirational lady who always has time for everyone.

Jeanette Ann Berry
Former Director of Nursing
Manchester UK