Thinking – What it really is and why you need to learn how to do it (part 2)

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How many times have you thought you must call someone and then they ring or text you shortly after. This happens all the time to me with one of my close friends.

The power of thought is infinite which means having no boundaries or limits, no end.

Real thought is very different from the mental activity we engage in every day.

Take your thoughts seriously, learn to control your thinking, you cannot stop thinking but you can change your thoughts.

Thoughts create your feelings and your feeling dictate the frequency of the vibration you are in at any given time.

As a person thinketh in his heart – so is he – James Allen

The ancient Greeks called the subconscious mind the heart.   That is what James Allen meant when he said that.

Plant an idea in your subconscious mind, that then connects to the universal mind; this is a very orderly universe that we are a part of.

Thoughts are cosmic waves that penetrate all time and space, these thought waves dictate the vibration you are in and that vibration dictates what comes into your life.

You can only ever attract what you are in harmony with; you will never get Radio 4 if you are tuned into key 103!

Actively seek out and learn the power of thought and how to direct your mind, once you do, your life will never be the same again.


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