Did you know that after watching TV for 30 seconds you brain waves move into the Alpha state (which is the state we go into during hypnosis)! Can you imagine how much we are being brainwashed!! If that wasn’t enough, we have our own demons and negative self talk to battle with!!

never give up time will pass

Just go for it!

For every deep subconscious belief that we have our brain forms evidence to support it – change those beliefs and you change the messages that your brain sends to your body!

Discover what’s in the way of your happiness, I truly believe that on some level, we all know what we want but are afraid to take the steps necessary to get us there. It’s easier just to stay put! Self doubt is our biggest enemy. We are creating our lives every minute but most of us do this unconsciously! Once we become aware of that and are ready to stand up and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives, things begin to change in a big way!

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel invisible but don’t know how to change that
  • The juice is gone from your life but the thought of changing it paralyses you with fear
  • Your life is one long round of cooking, cleaning work and looking after everyone but you!
  • You don’t know where the years went and you haven’t gotten to live your brilliant life yet
  • You wonder if you will ever feel happiness and excitement again!
  • Your life is falling apart and you don’t know which way to turn
Start your journey today!

Start your journey today!

Whilst there is no overnight fix, I help my clients transform the challenges they face in designing the life they want. You can be happier, healthier and more vibrant than you ever imagined. I will guide you through some very clear and powerful steps to discovering who you are and what it is you really want.

With my guidance and inspiration and your commitment to yourself, you will soon see how different your life can be if only you will decide it’s going to be – it’s your life so don’t waste it, choose to make it a great one!!

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep on reading the last one so put the past behind you and let’s get moving!! You have been unhappy for long enough and the time for transformation is now!


The end results will be you will overcome your limiting beliefs and challenges and develop a knowing that you really are the master of your own life and not the victim of circumstance you thought you were!

Your life will change from the inside out

You will learn to:

  • Master your inner critic
  • Reconnect with who you really are
  • Uncover and eliminate barriers you have unconsciously created
  • Identify your life’s purpose, goals and the motivating factors that inspire you
  • Identify what you want and establish a plan of action for achieving that
  • Understand the importance of having some “you time” of self care and proper nutrition and of making sure you take care of both your mind and your body
  • The journey to YOU is the most precious of destinations


Decide to be 50 and fabulous instead of frazzled and fraught!!


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